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A Transformable Motorbike-like Monster

If you are tired of regular escooters merely created for the daily commute, SPLACH-TRANSFORMER, aimed at stylish rides and weekend daredevils, will not let you down.

SPLACH-TRANSFORMER is recreation-oriented for all and can act as an unconventional commuting vehicle. Playful, sporty, versatile, and practical. High torque with various options of customization regarding the stem, casings, and riding modes. You’ll definitely turn many heads when riding on this transformable motorbike-like monster!



The patented proprietary beefy motor delivers great torque up to 960W to take your ride over various terrains, bustling urban jungles, unpaved rail trails, rocky roads, or even 28% incline hills can be zipped up from the crazy boost. Plus the 10 x 2.5″ pneumatic fat tires provide enhanced traction and stability as well as the superior dual suspension system, they stick you to the route and smooth out the bumps for you. The dual wave disc brakes prevent them from overheating, ensuring the ride safe non-stop.

The powerful motor with mighty torque up to 960W gives you the strong boost you need.

Shred on all terrains for all kinds of exhilarating adventures. 10″ pneumatic tires are interchangeable, meaning you could choose between road bike tires or off-roading tires, depending on your destination and purpose for the cruise.

Plush front & rear suspension setup provides you with comfort through rough conditions.

The design of the SPLACH Transformer derives from the shapechanging robots in the comic world where they can transform into vehicles or machinery at will. The versatile and playful features completely fit the goal we peruse to be embodied on our E-Scooter that can be practical and recreation-oriented for users. The most distinctive part lies in its changeable casings that can be freely mixed and match to make the look colorful and unique. From the stem, riding positions, tires to the casings, these are the parts that can be changed to add various tastes and styles to your ride.

Not only are we making a brand and electric vehicles, but we’re also building a big family to have members joining in to create a rider-friendly environment to expand the use of green gadgets made by SPLACH and have fun together.

Our family members are happy riders that ride SPLACH for commute and for leisure, exploring the world in all kinds of adventures without limit. Tangible testimony are these happy & content smiles!

SPLACH has been a remarkable creator of stylish, practical, and eco-friendly vehicles which are ideal substitutes to cars and other means of transport.

We offer premium electric vehicles that are cutting-edge and user-friendly. They embody quality, comfort, functionality and entertainment. SPLACH-TRANSFORMER is a comfortable, versatile vehicle combining city and sport use. Commuting to work and hanging out with friends in a race can both be done on just one bike: SPLACH-TRANSFORMER.

SPLACH was established in Los Angeles and Taiwan by passionate entrepreneurs. Dennis, the CEO of SPLACH, is committed to designing products that fulfill customers’ needs. Graduated from USC, he’s well familiar with the US market. Born in Taiwan, he precisely maneuvers state-of-the-art technology in producing high-end e-scooters. With his and the whole team’s great ambition and devotion, more advanced items are still to come!

The front and rear wave disc brakes provide the maximum braking power without compromising safety & stability as well as prevent brake fade.


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